Wet Gas Flowmeter Monitors Digester Gas

June 21, 2013
Kurz Instruments has developed a wet gas thermal flowmeter for use in condensing gas environments. The 454FTB-WGF provides reliable biogas flow measurements regardless of changing condensation levels due to daily or seasonal temperature changes; without spiking, railing or mistracking.

The 454FTB-WGF allows the end user to meet regulatory requirements for mass balancing of biogas production versus cogeneration and flaring. Standard features include automatic corrections for wet flow rates to dry flow measurements, which result in lower emissions and more accurate reporting. Digester imbalances can be diagnosed, identified and corrected, allowing for maximum gas production. By monitoring the true digester gas flow, more methane can be directed to energy production versus flaring.

The 454FTB-WGF is available in a variety of options intended to meet common installation criteria.

For further information on the 454FTB Wet Gas Flow Meter please click here.

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