Multiparameter Sondes Operate in Challenging Environments

March 29, 2013
Sondes are ideal for use in rivers, streams & reservoirs, as well as source water, storm water & drinking water applications

With YSI's focus on building monitoring systems for natural environments, sensor specifications are based on the entire range of environmental extremes that a system could encounter in nature. Sensors have fast response times for profiling and sampling, and a depth rating of 250 meters for long-term continuous monitoring or short-term profiles of drinking water and wastewater.

Users can choose either the EXO1, with ports for 4 sensors, or the new EXO2, with 6 ports and a central anti-fouling wiper. Each sonde is rated to a depth of 250 meters.

Parameters include: temperature, conductivity, depth, dissolved oxygen (optical), pH, ORP, total algae (blue-green algae and chlorophyll in one sensor), turbidity and fDOM, plus 4 calculated parameters.

Soon-to-be-released parameters include ammonium, nitrate, chloride and vented level.

Users can configure sondes quickly to move between laboratory and field sites, switching sensors as needed for the different parameters of interest at different sites.

The EXO sonde also works in challenging groundwater conditions, including low-flow purging and down-well monitoring. The anti-fouling wiper prevents sediment or bubbles from affecting data collection.

EXO was recognized as Environmental Protection’s 2012 New Product of the Year in the Water category. Customer feedback played a key role in the early adoption of the award-winning monitoring platform (sondes, smart sensors, handheld display and new KOR software) for water professionals who want to collect important water quality data at lower operating costs and with improved data quality.

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