TD Waterhouse Announces Addition of Unique Fund Focused On Water Industry to Mutual Fund Network

More Than 11,000 Funds Now Available through Firm's Mutual Fund Network

TD Waterhouse Group, Inc., has announced it is the first firm to make the Pictet Global Water Fund available to retail investors through its Mutual Fund Network. The Pictet Global Water Fund is a unique mutual fund that invests strictly in the water industry and is offered by Pictet International Management Limited, an affiliate of Pictet & Cie, one of the oldest private banks in Switzerland. The addition of this fund brings the total number of funds available to retail investors through TD Waterhouse's Mutual Fund Network to 11,217.

The Pictet Global Water Fund invests at least 80 percent of its net assets in the securities of companies in the global water sector including water-producing companies, conditioning and desalinization companies, specialists in wastewater treatment and sewers, sewage-treatment companies and firms providing services associated with these activities.

"TD Waterhouse is well-known for providing investors with a wide array of investment choices that help diversify their portfolios and meet their financial goals," said Peter Mangan, Chief Operating Officer of Mutual Funds for TD Waterhouse. "This unique fund is now available exclusively at TD Waterhouse."

"We are pleased to work with TD Waterhouse to distribute the Pictet Global Water Fund and look forward to leveraging the Firm's well-established Mutual Fund Network to grow this fund," said Kevin McLean, Vice President of Pictet.

TD Waterhouse Group, Inc.

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