Dec 06, 2016

Singapore Adds 13 Corrosion-Resistant Tanks

Singapore Adds 13 Corrosion-Resistant Tanks

The republic of Singapore has a state-of-the-art water facility in the Shun Li Industrial Complex. Recently it announced that the Changi Water Phase 1 had reached completion. It was entering its Phase 2 expansion, and needed to build a new water treatment option to handle the massive amount of water that needed treatment. The republic of Singapore decided to install a reverse osmosis (RO) flush/feed system.

The company is known for making progress in its pioneering water treatment technologies over the past decade. The Public Utility Board (PUB) announced the expansion and awarded the overall expansion contract to United Engineer and its joint business partner, BEWG.

The expansion needed 13 tanks to process the amount of water required. This system included water tanks for a supply of Newater (five 18,000-cu-meter tanks), RO flush (four 100-cu-meter tanks) and RO feed (four 220-cu-meter tanks). Bolted Rolled, Tapered Panel (RTP) tanks were selected because of their strength and the variety of sizes available. UES Holdings contracted these tanks through Tank Connection after working with its sales and design engineers to select the right configuration with pre-bid engineering support and robust design.

Because of the amount of water cycling through these tanks daily, an important factor was the coating on the tanks. A coating was needed to protect the tanks from corrosion, which could lead to high maintenance costs. In order to meet these needs, Tank Connection provided its proprietary LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE interior coating.

The five Newater tanks were a bolted RTP design and included aluminum domes. Each tank is 135.39 ft in diameter by 46.08 ft high, and stores 4.755 million gal. The four RO flush tanks and the four RO feed tanks also are bolted RTP design. The RO flush tanks are 24.62 ft in diameter with a height of 18.75 ft, and hold 58,100 gal each. The four RO feed tanks are 20.8 ft in diameter and 14.89 ft high, with a final storage capacity of 26,400 gal.

It was important that the tanks were supplied between the second and third quarters of 2015 in order to accommodate site access. The tanks were installed in a timely manner by a certified installer and long-time local partner of Tank Connection—ATL Industries. All tanks were mechanically completed in early 2016 without any problems and to everyone’s satisfaction. Management of UES Holdings contractor and end user Professional Engineers Board Singapore were happy with the execution of the project.

Tank Connection designs, manufactures and installs four major types of steel storage tanks, including bolted RTP, field-weld, shop-weld and hybrid tank designs for industrial liquid storage.

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