Mar 01, 2018

Double-Wall Tanks Protect Against Hazardous Spills

Molding process prevents dome collapse

Double-Wall Tanks Protect Against Hazardous Spills

Cylindrical double-wall tanks from Assmann Corp. eliminate chemical spills without the expense of lined concrete containment. The company’s molding process provides uniform walls with a heavier-top sidewall and dome for chemical and corrosion resistance, while the primary inner tank and a secondary locked-on outer containment ensures against chemical spills.

Constructed of molded high-density cross-linked polyethylene or U.S. Food and Drug Administration-compliant linear polyethylene, the double-wall tanks provide an outer shell containment that equals 120% of the inner tank’s capacity, which exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards. The dome on the inner tank interlocks with the outer tanks’ sidewall, sealing the secondary containment area and preventing debris and snow from entering, making the system suitable for outdoor storage. The double-wall design also prevents cross-contamination of contents, eliminating the possible danger of commingling of reactive chemicals. The portable tanks provide a small footprint and are available in sizes ranging from 20 to 8,850 gal.

Lifting lug assemblies that are designed to hold up to twice the empty tanks’ weight are standard. Optional equipment includes heat tracing and insulation used with temperature-sensitive chemicals. Other options include seismic restraint, wind-load restraint, an ultrasonic level device, a reverse float-level device, a leak-detection system, high-low level alarms, ladders, top discharge with foot-check valve, manways and bottom outlets. A wide selection of fittings and accessories also are available. 

Linear polyethylene tanks, including double-wall tanks, are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and high-density crosslink resin tanks certified by NSF for chemical storage.  Assmann’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2008-certified.

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