Sep 22, 2016

CST Introduces Updated Edgecoat Technology

Technology protects against corrosion in glass-fused-to-steel tanks

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CST Industries Inc., a tank and dome manufacturer, has announced Edgecoat II, a defense against corrosion in glass-fused-to-steel tanks.

Using Edgecoat II technology that conforms to Porcelain Enameling Institute guidelines (PEI-101), CST has further developed the technology to provide a glass coating to maximize protection where the panel is most prone to corrosion: the edges.

“We mechanically round the sheet edges to a specific radius, which allows us to apply a consistent, seamless glass coating to the sheet edges,” said Greg Hentschel, VP of Engineering at CST Industries Inc.

Edgecoat II is a solution for the municipal water market, reducing maintenance costs over the life cycle of the tank. Edgecoat II edge encapsulation maximizes corrosion protection by eliminating exposed, uncoated steel. Edgecoat technology provides glass encapsulation on all four sides of the rectangular sheet edges.

CST continues to invest in research and development for product improvement. Its Aquastore, Harvestore, Slurrystore and Nutristore glass-fused-to-steel products are now manufactured with Edgecoat II.