Sutron Earns NOAA/NOS Initial Tide Station Contract

Twenty-five of Sutron’s G3 NOS Tide Stations have been ordered to replace existing monitoring equipment in NOAA’s Great Lakes Project. Sutron’s stations will monitor tidal (water level) fluctuations and the affects of storms, which have a direct impact on shoreline change, wetland habitats, coastal development, commercial shipping and recreation.

NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) reports that since 1998, the levels of Lakes Michigan and Huron have dropped at the fastest rate ever recorded. Water and coastal managers as well as the public depend on real-time accurate lake level information to support short and long-range decisions.

The project’s goal is to develop and provide new and improved historical hydrometeorological databases for Great Lakes climatological, water resource and water supply forecasting studies. This data also will be shared with the International Coordinating Committee on Great Lakes Basic Hydraulic and Hydrologic Data and the US-Canada Great Lakes St. Lawrence River Ice Information Working Group. The Great Lakes Project produces basic hydrologic data used in all of the water resources and climate change projects at GLERL. Data also is used by the International Joint Commission, the Corps of Engineers, EPA, Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans, various states and provinces, consulting engineers and scientists, and interested private and commercial interests.

The NOS-approved G3 Tide Station is composed of Sutron’s new Xpert RTU and XLite Data Recorder combined with Sutron’s SatLink High Data Rate GOES Transmitter. NOAA/NOS will deploy the first stations around the Lakes. Subsequent Sutron stations will be ordered for monitoring tidal conditions and coastal changes along the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Sutron Corp.

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