Feb 09, 2010

Survey Seeks to Shed Light on BMP Maintenance Costs

Ongoing research gathering nationwide data on current maintenance cost of 16 types of common BMPs

A storm water best management practice (BMP) research team from the Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Assn. (SWEMA) is seeking participants for a quick online questionnaire about BMP maintenance costs. The ongoing research is targeted at gathering nationwide data on the current maintenance cost of 16 types of common storm water treatment BMPs, and the resources being allocated to maintain these BMPs, as well as maintenance frequency. Sharing cost information related to your organization’s practices is vital to helping build the storm water community’s collective knowledge base regarding these maintenance costs, the group said.

Results will be published only in anonymous aggregate form, and responses will not be published in connection with any individual responder. Responders’ contact information will not be shared outside of this project, or sold.

Ready to share what you know? Use the following link to take the survey: http://www.barr.com/WhatsNew/survey.asp.