Dec 28, 2000

A strategic plan for roadway safety

On July 16 and 17, ATSSA's board of directors was to give final approval to a strategic plan, which will carry the association into the 21st century. That plan will bring a new focus to the association's efforts to support our members in making the nation's roadways safer for the traveling public.

Work on the plan began in late 1997 when a survey was sent to the members and obtained a response rate of 22%. Six focus groups were held at the annual convention, including ATSSA's committee chairs and chapter presidents, as well as others not involved in the governance structure. Individual telephone interviews lasting 60 to 90 minutes were conducted with many external constituents, including federal and state DOT officials and related association executives.

With this input, the ATSSA board held a strategic planning retreat in late March and established preliminary vision and mission statements and identified 13 objectives in six key areas. The July board meeting will result in the culmination of these statements as well as adoption of a specific work plan for the next year.

Key areas of focus

Areas of principle focus include:

  • Advocacy at the federal, state and local levels;
  • Increasing public awareness and support for roadway safety;
  • Providing the industry with the skills needed to succeed;
  • Serving as the key resource for credible information on the industry;
  • Helping members expand their markets;
  • Delivering more services to members to reduce their operating costs;
  • Representing and supporting the diverse segments of the roadway safety industry; and
  • Ensuring that we have the human and financial resources to do the job.

In pursuing these focus areas, efforts will be made to provide greater support to members at the state and local levels. Also, during the year, new association programs, products and activities will be launched to help members do their jobs better.

The board set the clear expectation that ATSSA will serve as a more powerful "voice of the traffic safety industry." The traveling public, federal and state legislators, regulators, and the media need to have a better appreciation of the value of roadway safety to our society at large and to them personally.

The association can achieve its objectives only with the involvement and support of industry professionals. We invite ROADS & BRIDGES readers who share our objectives to work with us on this important mission.

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