Sep 06, 2017

Texas, Louisiana Recover From Hurricane Harvey

U.S. House to vote on disaster aid package

Houston recovers from flooding

Areas in Texas and Louisiana hit by Hurricane Harvey have began to recover from the storm, receiving aid in many forms. 


The U.S. House of Representatives is voting Sept. 6 on a nearly $7.9 billion disaster aid package to provide monetary aid in the aftermath of the hurricane. The Senate also is expected to vote on a relief package. In addition, Mexico sent volunteers to shelters and is expected to send relief supplies to the devastated areas. Even drones are helping to assess the damage left by Harvey.


Many large employers, universities, and public transportation have reopened as the floodwaters receded, and oil refineries, pipelines and shipping channels have began to return to operations. Despite returning to a sense of normalcy, many areas are recovering from property damage, including homes, schools and businesses.