Jun 20, 2018

Southeast Texas May Suffer Further Flash Flooding Following Hurricane Harvey

Heavy rains this past week have inundated Texas residents with further flooding

Houston area faces further flooding in wake of Hurricane Harvey following rainfall

Following heavy rains this past week, residents of Southeast Texas, specifically the Houston area, now face the potential for further flash flooding as they still feel the lasting effects of Hurricane Harvey this past August.

According to forecasts, the tropical moisture in the region could produce as much as 3 in. of rain across various areas. Flash flood warnings are in effect in areas ranging from Houston all the way to the Mexican border. The rain showers and thunderstorms are expected to last through Thursday June 21, 2018.

The city of Port Arthur, Texas, which resides north of Houston, was subject to significant flooding as a result of the recent rainfall that has now made its way to the Houston area. Port Arthur saw record rainfall on Tuesday June 19, 2018, when it was subjected to 5.89 in. of showers over a 24-hour period.

Last summer, Hurricane Harvey drenched the Houston area with over 60 inches of rainfall in a matter of days, leaving dozens dead along with billions of dollars in damage. The area continues its recovery efforts now after the Category 4 storm.

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