RJN Group Performing Storm Water & GIS Services in Hot Springs, Ark.

Earlier this year, RJN Group, Inc. (RJN) started work on the Hot Springs, Ark., Storm Water System Mapping Project. The project entails rectifying existing storm water maps and producing new maps of the city’s storm water collection system.

RJN is locating, identifying and mapping each storm water structure within each watershed. In order to ensure the production of accurate maps, RJN takes GPS survey shots of each structure. GIS attribute information on each structure is also being collected. The storm water maps and the attribute information will be integrated into the city’s GIS system.  RJN Online will be used during the project so that the city can view field data as it is being collected.

RJN has been working with the Hot Springs utilities department since 2008 performing a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study (SSES). The Storm Water System Mapping Project marks the first time RJN is working with the Storm Water Management Division.

RJN Group

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