Sep 18, 2017

Precast Concrete Buildings Ease Schedules & Worries

Sites can be made operational quickly with simple site preparation & fast installation

precast concrete building

Easi-Set Buildings are cost-effective, low-maintenance, 100% precast concrete industrial-grade buildings, proven for water or wastewater applications; pump stations, well houses, headworks, hazmat, storage, control buildings, offices, maintenance, laboratories and more. They are manufactured locally across North America from a network of pre-qualified licensed precasters.

Standard sizes are pre-engineered with stamped calculations and drawings with sizes starting at 8 x12 ft. Easi-Span Buildings are the largest clear span all-concrete buildings on the market, as well as the only expandable concrete building system in sizes up to 50 x 250 ft, with multiple-story heights. Easi-Span roofs come in 10 ft sections with widths of 20, 24, 30, 40 and 50 ft. Any of the buildings can be custom designed to meet specific applications.

Patented precast post-tensioned roof and floor systems require no foundations. Buildings are delivered pre-assembled and in many cases pre-outfitted, and are placed on a crushed stone base. Buildings can also be delivered without a floor for placement on a site-poured slab or over existing equipment. Larger buildings are site-assembled in a matter of hours, not weeks. Easi-Set Buildings cost less than comparable site-built construction. They are also relocatable, if needs change.

Easi-Set Buildings will not rust, warp, corrode, rot or burn and the finish is retained without maintenance. They are designed to be weathertight and to withstand the forces of Mother Nature and human nature alike. Post-tensioning increases average compressive strengths by 28% and distribution of radial compressive forces by 33%, making them impact resistant. Steel-reinforced precast concrete construction along with galvanized steel insulated doors, tamper-proof hinges and deluxe door hardware with deadbolts provides excellent protection from vandals.

Easi-Set Buildings are: UL 752 —Level 5 bullet resistant; fire resistant to a standard fire rating of 1.5 hours with additional protection available; earthquake rated to Seismic Zone Category ‘C’ (heavier available); hurricane resistant up to 150 mph wind loads; and have the ability to withstand petrochemical blasts.

Watertight features include: prefabricated turn-down roofs with an architectural ribbed drip edge protecting the roof joint from direct exposure to driving rain and moisture penetration; above-door rain guard drip edge protection; and a galvanized door and frame. An extruded aluminum threshold with integral neoprene seal provides moisture, dust and pest resistance. A step-down perimeter floor is recessed so that the wall joint is below top of floor, and an improved radial post-tension design provides watertight construction. 

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