Dec 28, 2015

Launder Covers Prevent Algae Growth, Combat Foul Odors

Products protect launder troughs from sunlight and can be custom-engineered

The NEFCO Launder Cover is designed to inhibit the growth of algae on launder troughs and weirs by minimizing incident sunlight on these surfaces while keeping leafs and other airborne debris out. Additionally, they can be modified to help contain foul odors. It is estimated that over 80% of the odors in the clarifier are produced when effluent breaks over the weir and flows into the launder channel.

NEFCO Inc. offers a variety of Launder Cover products.

  • Algae Control Covers are designed to inhibit the growth of algae on the launder trough and weir surfaces by blocking sunlight from striking those areas. Without sunlight, algae is largely eliminated, constant cleaning by maintenance personnel is a thing of the past and the threat of downstream equipment problems caused by floating algae is minimized.
  • Odor Control Covers are sealed systems designed to contain odors and/or operate in conjunction with scrubber systems that draw the trapped gases off and treat them to eliminate the odor.
  • Walk-On Covers provide load-bearing surfaces that make it convenient for the operators to access covered areas. NEFCO’s walk-on covers have non-skid sealed platforms with large hinged hatches that make performing maintenance tasks easy.

NEFCO offers cover systems in a wide array of configurations and/or applications. In addition, the company has developed a number of custom patterns for opening the covers, including alternate, sequential and unrestricted.

NEFCO Launder Cover systems are custom-engineered to the meet design parameters, configuration and dimensions as specified while aiming for optimum performance and ease of installation. Once installed, the Launder Cover operates continuously, requires virtually no maintenance and has no parts to wear and be replaced, unlike “brush” or “sweep” systems.

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