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Using Laser Level Transmitters to significantly improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs

May 16, 2024
ABB is making a world of difference by using Laser Level Technology to significantly improve data reliability and reduce maintenance time and costs at the Middlesex County Utilities Authority in New Jersey.

Middlesex County’s Central Treatment Plant (CTP) provides wastewater services to approximately 943,000 residential and industrial users, pumping an estimated 100 million gallons per day through five pumping stations and 50 miles of regional interceptors.

As the need for new non-contact measurement technologies became apparent, Middlesex discovered that ABB's Laser Level Technology (LLT) to be one product that could be integrated across several processes at the CTP to allow for improved monitoring and deliver the accurate intelligence to inform process control decisions. 

Download this white paper to learn how the CTP leveraged LLTs to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs.



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