Build America, Buy America Featuring Mueller | WWD Weekly Digest

July 7, 2023
In this video Bob Crossen and Joe Andrzejewski, Senior Manager of Product Management for Mueller, discuss Build America, Buy America.

In this video Bob Crossen (Group Editorial Director for WasteWater Digest) and Joe Andrzejewski (Senior Manager of Product Management for Mueller) discuss Build America, Buy America (BABA). 


  • Intro | 0:00
  • What is Build America, Buy America? Where is Pratt (part of in relation to the transition from AIS to BABA?  |  0:24
  • How has Pratt complied with American Iron & Steel Act (AIS) and how does that dovetail with its compliance for BABA? |  1:24
  • History of Pratt and its U.S. Manufacturing |  4:26
  • Where can people learn more about Pratt, its products and its domestic manufacturing capabilities? |  6:28

Additional Resources

  • Check out this video on Mueller's BABA-compliant state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Kimball, TN where Pratt valves are made. Click here to view the video. 
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