Lift Station Backup Provides Peace of Mind

April 6, 2023
Thompson Pump’s 4JSC series pumps are the perfect solution and preferred method for backing up wastewater lift stations all over the country.
Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and ice storms often result in extended power outages. To protect their vital wastewater infrastructure during these critical times, communities around the country are choosing the Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company’s 4JSC series as the preferred backup solution for their wastewater lift stations. 

“The stationary 4JSC is permanently installed in lieu of a diesel generator, to provide 100% redundancy to the primary, electric-powered pumps,” says David Perry, Municipal Sales Manager at Thompson Pump. “With a wide range of flow and pressure capabilities, it’s the perfect solution for lift stations that experience inflow and infiltration or need maintenance.”

The stationary 4JSC pumps incorporate the exclusive Enviroprime System® allowing them to prime automatically from a dry state and do so by evacuating only air from the suction piping. This environmentally friendly system prevents any wastewater from exiting the pump while operating. In addition, the 4JSC will operate intermittently, allowing the pump to start only when needed, resulting in lower fuel consumption, less onsite fuel storage required, and reduced operating costs when compared to traditional generators that operate continuously.

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