Manage midge or filter fly issues in your wastewater facilities

July 1, 2022

Midge and filter flies can be found anywhere water treatment takes place with populations quickly growing if left uncontrolled. Midge flies alter water quality, clog pipes, and in extreme cases, transmit pathogens. Adult midge flies resemble mosquitoes in appearance with “bushy” antennae, and are ready to mate and lay eggs within days of emergence. Operations also need filter fly control they can count on to combat both the nuisance factor and the potential health risks. Adult filter flies are known for their “hairy” appearance and pointed moth-like wings.

Midge and filter flies are more than a nuisance to the staff and surrounding neighbors of wastewater treatment facilities. In severe wastewater infestations, flies can alter water quality, clog pipes/equipment, transmit pathogens and generate complaints from surrounding properties. Controlling these pests is essential to keeping a wastewater treatment facility operating efficiently.

By targeting the pests during development, urban and rural water management facilities can rely on Strike® products to achieve effective midge fly management that breaks the pest life cycle and prevents adult populations from emerging. Strike® products break the life cycle by killing midge and filter flies in the pupal stage to prevent future generations from developing, which is key to putting an end to the problem. Strike products come is three different formulations: Strike® Pellets, Strike® Midge Control (Liquid) and Strike® Ultra Midge Control (Liquid). All three formulations have an environmentally friendly mode of action that can be added into water without interrupting the treatment process.

Strike® Pellets offer convenient, 30-day release of the EPA-approved insect growth regulator, (S)-methoprene. Formulated for extended holdings times, Strike® Pellets are ideal for aerial and ground applications to uniformly and completely treat an area. These pellets can also be used in any natural body of water.

Strike® Midge Control (Liquid) is a microencapsulated formulation that is capable of controlling midge and filter flies throughout an operation where wastewater or standing water is a factor. The active ingredient is protected and time released for the furthest downfield control in wastewater facilities and plants. This technology ensures that the active ingredient reaches all breeding sites and areas in need of treatment. Strike® is ideal for facilities experiencing chironomid midges in various stages and areas of the wastewater treatment process.

Strike® Ultra is a water-dilutable, emulsifiable concentrate that prevents the emergence of midge and filter flies. It's a concentrated formulation that gives you fast, effective control when applied with a metering system. Now you can easily control flies during low-flow time at your wastewater treatment facility with a cost-effective Strike® Ultra application.

Continued use of all three Strike® formulations prevents future infestations of midge and filter flies. Learn more at

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