Jan 12, 2011

Spiroflow Systems Updates Powder Handling Systems Product Line

Company offers dosing systems for a variety of treatment applications

Spiroflow Systems Inc. has a long history of supplying dosing systems for the treatment of potable water, wastewater, effluent and sewerage in both industrial and utility applications.
Recently, the company expanded and updated its range of powder handling systems so that they are ideally suited to the accurate discharging and metering of water and effluent treatment chemicals. As a result, Spiroflow Systems is able to help waste management, chemical and processing companies comply with the regulations covering the discharge of effluent into rivers and streams and utility companies to meet their quality obligations in terms of domestic water supplies.
Chemicals used for pH, bacteria, taste and odor control, such as hydrated
lime, powdered activated carbon and soda ash are delivered in various
forms. According to Spiroflow, its systems can fit many applications, whether dosing chemicals from silos, bulk bags or bags. Bulk bag dischargers can be fitted with massagers for poor flowing products such as hydrated lime. This is particularly important for dosing stations that are unmanned for long periods of the day. The systems also eliminate dust and environmental contamination and can handle and dose chemicals using either loss-in-weight or volumetric metering.
A wide range of conveyors may be used to achieve very accurate dosing, with rates as low as 1 kg per hour. Providing an even and consistent material flow, Spiroflow’s systems can eliminate bridging of material and consequent starvation of the conveyor leading to the slurry tank.
Spiroflow works very closely with world leaders in ejector technology, as
this offers one of the most reliable, accurate and cost-effective methods of introducing solids into a liquid stream.