Oct 09, 2006

Spartan Environmental Technologies and Biosolutions Provide Testing Services for Ozone Treated Water

Spartan Environmental Technologies, a distributor and manufacturer of chemical oxidation and disinfection equipment, is collaborating with Biosolutions to provide laboratory services to document ozone efficacy for specific applications. Ozone demand for a source water and dosage estimates for applications such as color removal or COD reduction can be determined in the laboratory.
Spartan’s product line includes a full range of ozone generators, odor control systems and a proprietary electrolytic system for the removal of organics from water. These systems treat air and water from municipal, commercial and industrial facilities.
Biosolutions is a certified water testing laboratory serving both the private and public drinking water and wastewater markets of northeast Ohio. The staff has over 70 years of experience in water analysis.
Anthony Sacco, marketing director for Spartan, said, “Spartan is pleased to be able to provide ozone laboratory testing services in conjunction with Biosolutions. A key element of designing an ozonation system is having a good idea of the amount of ozone required. Our laboratory testing services will allow our clients to be able to assess their ozone requirements accurately and inexpensively.”