Sparkling Spring Water Acquires Sun Spring B.V.

Sparkling Spring Water Holdings Limited has acquired the shares of Sun Spring B.V. Based near Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Sun Spring operates a home and office direct delivery bottled water business that serves approximately 7,500 customer locations throughout the Netherlands.
"The purchase of Sun Spring is especially pleasing since in combination with our Mardeau acquisition this summer we have solidified the Netherlands as a new core territory. We are now in striking distance of achieving a number two position in the Netherlands. In addition, Sun Spring's first-class production facility provides access to a population of over 40 million in the Netherlands, Western Germany and Belgium," according to Dillon Schickli, Sparkling Spring's president.
G. John Krediet, chairman of Sparkling Spring, said "We are excited about our prospects in the home and office business and desire to continue to add to our European as well as our North American businesses through acquisitions."
Sparkling Spring Water Holdings Limited indicated that neither the Mardeau nor the Sun Spring acquisitions are part of Holdings largest subsidiary, Sparkling Spring Water Group Limited, the issuer of Senior Subordinated Notes that are registered with the SEC.
SSW Holdings is a leading producer and distributor of bottled water to the home and office segment and serves over 270,000 customer locations. SSW Holdings does business as "Nature Springs" in England, "Water at Work" in Scotland, "Mardeau" and "Sun Spring" in the Netherlands, "Sparkling Springs" in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, "Canadian Springs," and "Polaris" in British Columbia, Canada, "Canadian Springs," "Cool Spring," and "Sparta" in Alberta, Canada and in the United States, "Crystal Springs," "Cullyspring," and "Pure Water" in Washington, "Crystal Springs" in Oregon, and "Whistler Water," "Canadian Spring" and "Polaris" among other brands around the world.

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