Mar 30, 2011

Solinst Offers Levelogger Series for Monitoring

Products can monitor water level, temperature and conductivity

For projects requiring continuous water level, temperature or conductivity monitoring, Solinst offers the Levelogger Series.

Levelogger Gold combines a pressure transducer with 0.05% FS accuracy, temperature sensor, 10-year lithium battery and datalogger for 40,000 readings in a corrosion-resistant housing. The inexpensive Levelogger Junior features 1% FS accuracy, five-year battery and memory for 32,000 data points. LTC Levelogger Junior has the added advantage of conductivity measurements. It features memory for 16,000 sets of readings, a five-year battery, and auto-ranges from zero to 80,000 µS/cm.

Leveloggers are absolute pressure instruments and can be compensated for atmospheric pressure variation by use of a Barologger Gold. Leveloggers feature lifetime calibration, a stainless steel housing and Faraday Cage design to protect against lightning and power surges. Infrared data transfer provides the flexibility of direct read or wireline deployment. Leveloggers also can be supported by Solinst Telemetry Systems or integrated into a SDI-12 network.