Oct 01, 2015

Web User Interface Shows Where Attention Is Needed

Program can be used on a variety of systems and devices

Flowlink Global is a Web user interface that provides an easy-access portal for viewing, organizing, reporting and exporting flowmeter site and device data. It allows monitoring of incoming data to ensure sites and devices are functioning properly. Site and device alarms are collected and displayed on a convenient dashboard, allowing users to quickly see where attention is most needed. Clearing alarms is as easy as a click of a button. The dashboard also provides a convenient grid view of the user’s sites, saving valuable time when managing a number of installations.

Flowlink Global’s GIS map provides an easy way to identify site locations. Placing your cursor over each site on the map quickly shows parameters such as level, velocity and flow rate. The same tool point shows the last time data was pushed from each site. Conveniently, the color of the each site’s identifying characters show alarm statuses.

Flowlink Global is accessible through computers running Windows or Mac operating systems, multiple mobile devices and browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. With the ability to access all of your sites and flow data on both PCs and mobile devices, Flowlink Global provides state-of-the art data management anytime, anywhere.

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