Jan 18, 2007

GEMI Releases New Tool, 'Collecting the Drops: A Water Sustainability Planner'

Government initiative tool will help companies more effectively deal with their growing water sustainability problems

The Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) released a new web tool, “Collecting the Drops: A Water Sustainability Planner” on Wednesday.

“GEMI is very pleased to announce the release of its new web tool, 'Collecting the Drops: A Water Sustainability Planner,’” said GEMI's Chair, Stan Christian, who is Corporate Director of Safety and Environment at Motorola, Inc.

“This new tool is the result of a collaborative effort and leadership of GEMI company representatives with the support of Gannett Fleming,” Christian continued.

“The GEMI 'Water Sustainability Planner' is not intended to be a code of conduct, but a tool to be used by companies that are ready to address the water sustainability challenges that are increasingly impacting companies around the world,” said Karl Fennessey, Global Water Technology Leader at The Dow Chemical Company and Co-Chair of the GEMI Water Sustainability Work Group.

“This tool is intended to guide a user through the process of taking a corporate sustainability strategy and converting it into a site or unit strategy for water. The three areas of focus, or modules, will assist users with understanding water use and impacts, assessing water risk, and providing case examples of techniques that GEMI member companies have used. As this information is combined with simple engineering estimates and tools, it will provide the user an overall risk assessment output that is unique for their unit,” he concluded.

“‘Connecting the Drops Towards Creative Water Strategies: A Water Sustainability Tool’ was created to establish a link between water sustainability issues and the business case," said Harry Ott, Director of Strategic Global Water Initiatives at The Coca-Cola Company, and a co-chair of the Work Group. "This new tool links perfectly with the first GEMI water tool developed in 2004 that was created to help companies better understand an organization's relationship to water and to assist in making a business case, along with opportunities and risks," added Ott.

“This tool is unique," said Paul Halberstadt, vice president of environmental services at ConAgra Foods and co-chair of the Work Group, “because this is the first GEMI tool that was designed from the outset to be an engineering-based, practical user guide for a facility manager or facility's environmental manager to help meet the day-to-day challenges of water and risk management.”

Additional information “Collecting the Drops: A Water Sustainability Planner” can be found on GEMI's web site at http://www.gemi.org.