Watershed Management Plant Being Developed in Hernando County, Fla.

Berryman & Henigar has been contracted by the Southwest Florida Water Management District to provide watershed management program consulting service in the Peck Sink Watershed.

The Peck Sink Watershed is one of 22 watersheds located in Hernando County, Fla., about 40 miles northeast of Tampa.

The watershed is approximately 17 square miles in size and is a close basin.

According to Gene Altman, P.E., SWFWMD project manager, the wastershed is experiencing rapid development with the benefits of a current Watershed Management Program.

"A watershed management program provides a method to evaluate the capacity of a watershed to protect, enhance, and restore water quality and natural systems, while achieving flood protection," he said. "Program deliverables will provide scientifically-based information to be used by decision makers, permitting agencies and the public in assessing impacts associated with flooding and water quality degradation."

Altman said Berryman & Henigar is developing the Watershed Management Plan. Key elements include surveys; GIS database development; computer modeling; floodplain analysis and delineation; developing digital flood insurance rate maps; surface water resource assessment; and Best Management Practice alternative analysis.


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