Jan 15, 2014

Newport News Waterworks Selects Asset Management Systems

AssetWorks integrated product suite was selected to replace an in-house developed system

Newport News Waterworks AssetWorks infrastructure management software

AssetWorks, a provider of fleet management software, automated fuel management systems, motor pool systems and operational asset management systems announced that the City of Newport News (Va.) Waterworks has selected AssetWorks integrated asset management systems—FleetFocus, FuelFocus and EAM—to manage its broad network of fleet, facilities and infrastructure assets.

Newport News Waterworks is a regional water provider, owned and operated by the City of Newport News that serves more than 400,000 people in Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, and portions of York County and James City County. Newport News Waterworks maintains more than 1,700 miles of treated water pipeline. To keep up with an aging and expanding infrastructure, Newport News Waterworks is focused on continuous improvement and optimizing the total life cycle costs of owning and operating their assets.

AssetWorks integrated product suite was selected to replace an in-house developed system. Newport News Waterworks initial interest was for a fleet management software integrated with a fuel management system, however it expanded to include the new EAM infrastructure management system once they learned that one vendor could provide all the functionality they were seeking.

"Among the reasons we selected AssetWorks integrated asset management solution is their demonstrated ability to accommodate the broad range of assets that we must manage, the enhanced parts and purchasing functionality and their willingness to work with and listen to us about the asset management needs of a water utility," said David Cooper, project lead, Newport News Waterworks. "There is tremendous value for us to work with a single partner for software who understands the complex nature of the various assets and support systems we manage, while striving to provide the best service possible for the residents of the greater Newport News area."