Oct 14, 2016

WaterSmart Software, Stripe Launch New Payment Solution

Water industry can now integrate data, engagement & more into one portal

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WaterSmart Software announced the launch of an electronic presentment and payment solution powered by Stripe. This solution is a first for the water industry, integrating customer engagement, water consumption data, leak resolution, billing information and multi-channel electronic payment options into a unified customer portal. In addition to the customer facing elements of the solution, utility staff can also track payment delinquencies, deliver personalized communications to customers at risk of non-payment, and drive down collection costs while improving payment performance.

“Our water utility partners have been consistently asking for an integrated payment solution to supplement our traditional customer engagement tools,” said Robin Gilthorpe, WaterSmart CEO. “With Stripe, the global leader in online payments, we’re now able to bring best-in-class electronic bill presentment and payments to the water utility industry to help our customers drive improvements in payment performance.”

Unlike single-purpose online payment options, the WaterSmart solution engages water utility customers with detailed trending data on water consumption, money saving, and property protecting recommendations, and alerts and notifications which supplement and inform the bill payment experience. The WaterSmart solution drives greater adoption of online payments, helps improve payment performance, drives down print and mail costs through paperless billing, and offers utilities and their customers interchange fees.

“It should be easy to pay for anything online—whether that’s a pair of shoes, a cab ride or your water bill,” said Cristina Cordova, head of business development for Stripe. “We’re excited to work closely with WaterSmart to provide their water utility partners across the country with a seamless and secure way to accept payments online.”

To learn more about WaterSmart payments, visit www.watersmart.com/payments/.