May 09, 2001

Smith Plans To Introduce MTBE Bill

Sen. Bob Smith, chairman of the Committee on Environment and Public Works, says he intends to introduce legislation to solve MTBE water contamination problems. Commenting at a field hearing in Salem, N.H. on April 27, Smith said that resolving the MTBE problem remains one of his highest priorities and that the bill would be similar to legislation he introduced last year.

Last year's bill proposed to allow governors to waive the oxygenate requirement of the Clean Air Act, limit the content of MTBE in gasoline to no more than one percent by volume, and require the use of renewable fuels such as ethanol as an additive in the future. When Smith introduces the new legislation, it will join no less than seven other bills eliminating or reducing MTBE, mandating the use of ethanol as a replacement and providing funds for research and cleanups.