Feb 04, 2009

Smith & Loveless, Inc. Announces Frank J. Rebori as President

Rebori succeeds his father as the sixth president of the company

Chairman Robert L. Rebori announced the promotion of Frank J. Rebori as the new president of Smith & Loveless, Inc. Rebori, formerly vice president and general legal counsel for the company, began his new duties in December 2008.

As well as serving as vice president, Rebori has also served as a member of the board of directors of RLR, Inc., Smith & Loveless, Inc., Bio-Microbics, and Kalsep UK, Ltd. He was also the corporate legal council of RLR, Inc. Prior to joining Smith & Loveless, Inc. in October 1999, he was an attorney with two law firms in Kansas City, Mo.

Rebori succeeds Robert L. Rebori, his father, as the sixth president of the company. Robert Rebori will serve as chairman of the Smith & Loveless board of directors.