New Installation Reduces Turbidity and Total Organic Carbon in Alabama

Water quality increased and operations and management simplified

  • WesTech Eng. has supplied critical equipment in the construction of the High Point water treatment plant near Henager, Ala. Built in response to growing populations in and around Henager, the new plant has reduced turbidity and total organic carbon (TOC), increased water quality and simplified operations and maintenance.
  • Northeast Alabama Water District (NEAW) services 15,200 connections within 2,052 sq miles, resulting in a very large distribution area. Increasing populations expanded the service area and water demand even more, creating the need for a larger water treatment facility. To increase capacity and bring water treatment closer to its residents, NEAW constructed the High Point water treatment plant.
  • High Point receives its raw water indirectly from the Tennessee River. River water is pumped 5 miles and over 700 ft in elevation to a 4.2 million gal storage reservoir at the plant location. Managing disinfection byproducts (DBPs) within this large distribution area is difficult at best. Long chlorine contact times, dead zones and regrowth contribute to high DBP levels. By removing dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in the clarified water, DBP levels are minimized.
  • After completing a comprehensive study, the engineer selected enhanced coagulation and membrane filtration, specifically solids contact clarifiers and ultrafiltration, as the best method to treat for DOC and turbidity. WesTech was contracted to supply the process equipment for the High Point plant.
  • WesTech’s Solids CONTACT CLARIFIERTM and AltaFilterTM Ultrafiltration System work together to improve High Point’s overall water quality by reducing turbidity, removing pathogens, and meeting secondary standards. The new High Point facility has been a great improvement to the Northeast Alabama Water District. Turbidity and TOC have been reduced to meet or exceed required levels. Water quality has increased and operations and maintenance has been simplified.
  • For a full report on the installation, visit
WesTech Engineering Inc.

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