May 11, 2005

City of West Palm Beach Takes Fresh Approach to Reducing Septage Odors

Carter & VerPlanck installs new ion fog odor system

The city of West Palm Beach announced that they have seen significant improvement in their septage odor control at their East Central Regional Water Reclamation Facility.They have also seen significant cost savings.
Last year, the first Vapex Hydroxyl Ion fog generator was installed at the plant's septage receiving facility to demonstrate its ability to eliminate noxious raw septage odors. The test was successful, and four additional ion fog generators were later installed and all have been in service ever since. This septage facility system was customized and installed by Carter & VerPlanck, Inc., a Tampa-based provider of water and wastewater solutions.
"Our facility is extremely happy with this cost effective technology," said Michael Cravens, Executive Manager of Water Reclamation Services for the City of West Palm Beach. "I would encourage other collection and treatment facilities to visit a demonstration site or pursue an installation of a demonstration unit."
The Vapex Hydroxyl Ion fog generator uses a patented air atomizing nozzle to efficiently create a hydroxyl ion fog that eliminates noxious odors and reduces H2S levels. The fog odor control system has been proven to eradicate odors and reduce overall costs by eliminating chemistry expenses, breaking down grease, reducing labor and requiring no chemical storage and handling.
In addition, Carter & VerPlanck also brought in three Vapex V-1500 units to fix the damaged Influent Headwork's odor scrubber system. The successful operation of the Vapex units has eliminated the facility's use of chemicals for odor control, resulting in an annual budget savings of $79,000 for the City of West Palm Beach's water reclamation division.