Jul 14, 2017

Internally Fed Rotary Drum Thickener Aids Sludge Dewatering

Users can minimize capital & operational costs by pre-thickening sludge prior to centrifuge

The JWC Environmental Monster Drum Thickener is sludge dewatering equipment that is designed to achieve 5% to 15% solids from sludge containing 0.5% to 3% solids. It offers strong overall results while minimizing operating costs.

The Monster Drum Thickener utilizes woven wire mesh for the construction of the sludge thickener screening panels. This panel construction allows for capture rates in excess of 98%, which is among the highest available for sludge dewatering equipment. This performance translates to low polymer usage. The woven wire mesh screening media is constructed as individual panels that are easily removable from the frame of the rotary drum of the sludge thickener. This feature allows for a simple exchange of screening panels if they are damaged or conditions change without having to replace a full drum.

For sludge wastewater treatment systems, the faster the sludge floc structure is established and brought into the sludge thickener, the more efficient the system can run. JWC has designed the Monster Drum Thickener to require a short dwell time in the flocculation tank to achieve the required floc structure. The outcome is that the unit will use less polymer and require a smaller tank compared to other rotary drum sludge dewatering equipment, which translates to lower operating costs. 

The Monster Drum Thickener system is fully enclosed to collect filtrate water and easily connects to a plant’s odor control system. The result is a much cleaner and less odorous work environment when compared to other sludge thickening technologies.

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