The Clinton River WRRF Biosolids Handling & Septage Receiving | 2021 WWD Top Projects

Oct. 28, 2021
The Clinton River WRRF biosolids handling and septage receiving project highlights thermal hydrolysis technology installation and use.

The Clinton River Water Resource Recovery Facility biosolids handling and setpage receiving project is a $41 million project in Michigan that brought an outdated plant into the modern era. From the latest HMI and SCADA technologies to the introduction of thermal hydrolysis to the plant’s operation, the Clinton River WRRF exemplifies what it means to be a top project.

Join Jim Nash as he explain the project delivery method, how the facility achieved its goal of being a community resource, and what it took to address odors at the facility. He also discusses training of operators on the new equipment and what it means to receive the award.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Scope & scale of the project: (0:53)
  • Technology leaps & operator training: (3:16)
  • Project delivery method choice & reasoning: (4:18)
  • Being a better neighbor & community resource: (7:58)
  • On choosing thermal hydrolysis for the plant: (8:53)
  • Training for thermal hydrolysis system: (10:33)
  • Odor control: (11:54)
  • Shoutouts: (13:29)
  • Outro: (15:15)

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