BEVsystems Receives Life 02 Container Order For Washington, D.C.; Subject of Radio Talk Show

Aug. 22, 2003

BEVsystems International, Inc. received a new order for one container of Life 02 from House of Mohan, the distributor for Life O2 SuperOxygenated Water covering the Washington, D.C. area. A container consists of 22 pallets, with each pallet holding 56 cases of Life 02, packed 24 bottles to the case.

House of Mohan distributes to over 10,000 independent grocery stores, mini-food marts and convenience stores including 7-11 outlets. Melvin Coles, the House of Mohan's President, said, "The demand for Life O2 continues to expand. This is our second order for Life 02 in the past two weeks."

The new House of Mohan order will be delivered to Big Bear Wholesalers–suppliers to independent food stores and also to Healing and Happiness at DePlace. Kibwe Bey, the owner, hosts a two-hour weekly radio talk show in Washington, D.C. on WOL 1450 AM, Thursday mornings at 10:00. On August 14 his radio subject was SuperOxygenated Water and featured three medical doctors discussing the benefits of SuperOxygenated Water.

Source: BEVSystems