Six Fired in Toronto Water Department Probe

Six employees have been fired from the Toronto's water department following complaints to the city's fraud and waste hotline.

Another four employees have been suspended without pay, and the results of an internal investigation have been turned over to Toronto Police, city manager Shirley Hoy said in a statement Thursday.

"The Auditor General has also been apprised of the results of the investigation, disciplinary actions, and the corrective action the city has taken, including new training programs for supervisors, transferring staff, and reassigning work where appropriate," Hoy said.

City officials did not release details Thursday about the alleged actions that led to the dismissals and suspensions.

Mayor David Miller would only say that the employees were fired for violating conflict of interest rules and other city policies.

The investigation began following hotline tips that city employees were advising private contractors about sewer pipe work required by homeowners.

CBC News

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