Oct 05, 2010

Singer Valve Updates Pneumatic Dynamic Lifter

Technology now includes anticipating surge relief function

Technology now includes anticipating surge relief functionSinger Valve demonstrated its Pneumatic Dynamic Lifter’s new anticipating surge relief function the afternoon of Oct. 4 at WEFTEC.10.
“In dealing with sewage or other challenging raw water conditions, you can’t take the risk of surges that happen when pumps stop or power fails,” said Brad Clarke, vice president of sales and marketing for Singer Valve. “The surge anticipator eliminates this possibility and increases the life expectancy of the piping network.”
The Pneumatic Dynamic Lifter is a responsive, compact sewage relief valve that can handle high pressures and that uses a compressed air cylinder to hold the valve closed. The newly added surge anticipator has two three-way solenoid valves to put air into the cylinder and under the piston, driving the valve open on power failure. This way when the surge returns to the pump, it is not coming back to a closed system where it can cause damage; it comes back to an open valve where it can be discharged safely back to the sump in the vicinity of the pump.