Siemens to Provide Coal-Bed-Methane-Produced Treatment System in Wyoming

Petro-Canada selected Siemens for the project near Gillette, Wyo.

Siemens Water Technologies has been selected by Petro-Canada to provide a system for treating coal-bed-methane (CBM)-produced water at the Mitchell Draw CBM Project near Gillette, Wyo. Siemens will also provide assistance with system commissioning and will operate and maintain the plant under a five-year operation and maintenance contract. Scheduled for start-up in April 2009, the system will treat 72,000 barrels per day (3 mgd) of CBM-produced water, removing contaminants like sodium and total dissolved solids (TDS), which will allow the plant to meet current state regulatory requirements.

This is the second time Petro-Canada has chosen Siemens to supply CBM-produced water service for a major application: in 2005, Siemens provided a similar system for Petro-Canada’s Wild Turkey CBM Project, also in Wyoming. For the Mitchell Draw project, Siemens worked with Petro-Canada to determine the most cost effective and efficient way to treat large quantities of produced water while minimizing the waste stream. Petro-Canada selected a reverse osmosis (RO)-technology-based system, which includes multi-media inlet filtration, a packed-bed ion exchange softening system, a primary RO system and a brine-recovery RO system for effective produced water treatment.

“Because it proved to be the most cost effective and efficient technology at our Wild Turkey operations, RO was a logical choice to support the Mitchell Draw Project,” said Peter Hampton, operations manager at Petro-Canada. “At Mitchell Draw, the water treatment system will allow us to recover an average of 96% of the water. In addition, the combined softener and reverse osmosis system effectively reduces handling and storage of hydrochloric acid—a benefit in terms of the safety of our employees and in mitigating our impact on the environment.”


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