Sep 10, 2008

Siemens to Help Outfit Polish WWTP

Company to provide plant's process control and automatic system

Siemens has been awarded a contract to provide a process control and automatic system, plus electrical works, for the sludge incineration plant at the Lodz Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Lodz, Poland.The project is part of an ongoing plant modernization, which was required to treat an increased amount of wastewater and thus meet the requirements of the European Union Directive No. 91/271/EEC. The capacity of the WWTP has increased to 200,000 cu m/day (rainless weather), or 52 percent of the total wastewater in the region, which requires the proper sludge management process implementation.The contract was awarded after Siemens successfully completed an advanced plant management system at the Lodz facility, which serves nearly 800,000 people in a 300-sq-km area and is one of the largest WWTPs in Europe. The new automation and control system will be integrated with the existing plant management system and be based on a similar functionality setup using the PCS7 standard. Siemens will design, install and start up the new system and provide all the documentation.The newly designed system will also include: redundant process station, more than 10 controllers, two operating desktops, more than 350 analog measurements, more than 1,500 binary signals and more than 150 drives. The system will be installed while the plant is operating, preventing any disturbance in the wastewater treatment process, which is vital for Lodz metropolitan area.