Mar 04, 2008

Siemens Expands Worldwide Presence

Company announces recent expansion and projects in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Italy

Siemens Acquires Chemitreat Group to Expand Water Treatment Technology and Services in Asia-Pacific

Siemens recently announced that it has acquired the Singapore-based private limited Chemitreat Group to expand the water treatment business in South East Asia. Chemitreat will become part of Water Technologies, a business unit of Siemens’ Industry Solutions division. Chemitreat provides water treatment technologies and services in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and China.

“Chemitreat has been a very respected player in our region for more than 30 years,” said Jagannath Rao, responsible for the Siemens Water Technology business in Asia. “Chemitreat covers services from operations to maintenance for both industrial and municipal customers and holds technology expertise in key industrial applications including high purity water treatment”.

The acquisition is primarily about geographic expansion in South East Asia, allowing better market penetration. “The market segment for water treatment equipment and services is growing by 7% to 9% a year in Asia,” Rao said, “and Chemitreat helps us to better address the growing water needs of industry and the public in this region.”

Siemens Water Technologies Expands its Presence in the Middle East

With the formation of a new competence center in Abu Dhabi and in Riyadh, Siemens Water Technologies is expanding its presence in the Middle East.

"The growing need for water in the cities as well as increasing demand in industry, including more stringent environmental requirements for industries such as oil and gas, require new measures for water and wastewater treatment in this region," explained Roland Fischer, who is responsible for Siemens Water Technologies’ business development in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Siemens will consolidate its presence in the region and expand its range of water and waste treatment services and solutions through investments of around 10 million dollars, expanded employment of around 30 new process and application engineers and chemists by 2010 and use of local Siemens manufacturing facilities.

Siemens’ MBR Plant to Help Keep Italian Coastline Pristine

Siemens Water Technologies will supply Mediterranea delle Acque’s new wastewater treatment plant in Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino, Italy, with pretreatment to a membrane bioreactor (MBR) system.

Housed partially underground, the plant will benefit the coastal villages’ fishing and tourism industries by producing high-quality effluent that can be used for a variety of reuse purposes. Once it comes online in 2009, system will be Siemens’ largest MBR installation in Europe.

Located off the Ligurian Sea, the MBR plant will be able to easily meet fluctuating water demands from seasonal tourism. Its small footprint will consume just one-quarter the space of traditional activated sludge biological processes, also making it easier to install in an underground bunker to hide from public view. The MBR system will also lower turbidity in the treated effluent; increase removal efficiency of organic matter, suspended solids and bacteria; and produce reuse-quality water that exceeds European Union standards.