Aug 13, 2010

Siemens to Exhibit Solutions That Span Water Cycle

Company details plans for IFAT ENTSORGA

“New perspectives for the environment”: This is the motto of the IFAT ENTSORGA that will be held in Munich, Germany, from Sept. 13 to 17, 2010, with water treatment and raw materials management as key focuses. At the international trade fair for environmental technologies Siemens will exhibit in Hall A1 a wide range of technologies that spans the water cycle and applications, ranging from process water and industrial wastewater
treatment to municipal drinking water and water transport to energy management solutions.

The portfolio for municipal and industrial customers aims to offer solutions that make water management not only environmentally friendly but also efficient.

Due to rising quality requirements, communities and industries are faced with a higher cost of water, wastewater and sludge treatment. Siemens aims to offer modern technologies and an integrated technical approach to water treatment that help provide customers with sustainable and cost-effective operations. At IFAT ENTSORGA, the focus will be on water scarcity, energy
management and infrastructure improvement.

While world water consumption is forecast to increase 40% by 2025, raw water quality is expected to deteriorate. Nevertheless, municipal suppliers will still be required to provide consistently high-quality water. To treat this water, Siemens offers technology solutions, such as Memcor ultrafiltration products. The Memcor hollow-fiber technology effectively removes suspended solids and pathogens producing consistent, high-quality water free of suspended particulates. Memcor systems can be implemented using either a pressurized (XP and CP) or submerged (XS and CS) driving force and applied in municipal drinking water, wastewater reuse, industrial process water and seawater desalination as pretreatment to reverse osmosis.

The MemPulse membrane bioreactor system, a water reuse technology, will be displayed at IFAT, too. The system uses a unique air-scouring process that reduces energy consumption and costs in comparison to conventional methods. The MemPulse system does not have any moving parts, which reduces the likelihood of mechanical failures and also lowers operating and maintenance costs.