RJN Group to Determine Sources of Inflow, Infiltration in Arkansas City

Technicians will inspect 331 manholes & smoke test 61,700 linear ft of sewer pipe

The city of Fort Smith, Ark., is experiencing inflow and infiltration (I&I) in the Riverlyn Basin area during wet weather events which overloads the capacity of the sewer conveyance and treatment systems.

RJN Group Inc. will perform a comprehensive sewer evaluation to determine the sources of I&I that is leading to the capacity issues in the area. Condition assessments will take place for manholes, sewer lines and also the private sector.  RJN field technicians will inspect 331 manholes and smoke test 61,700 linear ft of sewer pipe. Dye testing and CCTV inspection will be conducted based on visual pipe and smoke testing results.

RJN Group

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