San Francisco Chooses Hydrodynamic Simulation for Sewer Improvements

System will address critical sewer needs and improve performance

Innovyze, a provider of business analytics software and technologies for wet infrastructure, announced that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has chosen InfoWorks ICM to support its comprehensive sewer system improvement program (SSIP). The SFPUC’s multi-billion dollar capital program will be designed to improve the sewer system and address challenges like aging infrastructure, odors and neighborhood impacts, flooding, and existing and future regulations.

Since 2006, the SFPUC has used the InfoWorks CS software and it is currently the hydraulic engine used to model many major capital projects and program elements.

“The latest software will assist us in modeling the performance of San Francisco’s combined sewers and urban streets,” SSIP Capital Program Director Karen Kubick said. “By analyzing these elements, we’ll be able to develop a comprehensive roadmap that addresses critical system needs, improves system performance and brings value to our ratepayers.”

A hallmark of the software is its dynamic integration of one-dimensional hydrodynamic simulation of flows in rivers, open channels and pipe networks, and two-dimensional hydrodynamic simulation of surface flooding in the urban environment and river floodplain. This revolutionary software provides a powerful solution for simultaneously modeling below-ground and above-ground elements of catchments to accurately represent all flow paths and improve understanding of the processes occurring in the holistic environment.

The software also takes into account interactions of natural and man-made environments and effectively simulates the water quality impact of polluting runoff and effluent from urban areas, enhancing the ability of wastewater utilities to predict flood risks, support cost-effective drainage design and management, and develop online urban flooding forecasts.


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