Jun 05, 2007

Severn Trent Services Awarded Australian Contract

Severn Trent Services has been awarded a contract to supply biological denitrification filters for Stage 1A of the Bundamba advanced water treatment plant, the first stage of the Queensland Government’s Western Corridor Recycled Water (WCRW) Project.

The WCRW Project is the largest recycled water scheme of its kind to be constructed in Australia. When completed at the end of 2008, it will also be the largest in the southern hemisphere. The project involves the advanced treatment and recycling of almost all the wastewater from six existing treatment plants in Queensland’s capital city of Brisbane and the neighboring city of Ipswich, via three new advanced water treatment plants. A 200km long underground pipeline will be constructed to deliver the purified recycled water to the region’s power generators, industry and the major potable water supply system.

The Bundamba plant is the first of the new facilities to be built. The project management team is led by a joint venture between Thiess and Black & Veatch.

The third step in a six-step treatment process to be used at the advanced water treatment plants involves removing the nutrient concentrate. This will provide environmental benefits by lowering the amount of nutrients that are currently discharged from the wastewater treatment plants into the region’s waterways and Moreton Bay. Precipitation and clarification processes will remove phosphate, and TETRA Denite biological denitrification filters then remove nitrate.

At the completion of Stage 1A, the plant will have the capacity to supply 20ML/d of purified recycled water. A further stage of construction will increase the plant’s capacity to 100ML/d, while the total capacity of the three new plants will be more than 200ML/d.

The WCRW Project aims to alleviate pressure on the region’s existing dams and waterways, now experiencing record low levels caused by the worst drought in a century.