Jun 06, 2007

Severn Trent Services Acquires Quay Technologies

Severn Trent Services has announced the acquisition of Quay Technologies Ltd. of Berks, United Kingdom, manufacturers of a proprietary ultraviolet (UV) technology for use in water and wastewater disinfection. Severn Trent Services will offer the Quay UV systems to the water and wastewater treatment market under the new brand name, MicroDynamics.

“The unique Quay technology strengthens Severn Trent Services’ position in providing UV solutions for the growing global water and wastewater disinfection treatment markets. Our customers will benefit by having access to universally accepted UV disinfection results that are delivered in a much more efficient and reliable manner,” said Thomas M. Mills, the company’s vice president of marketing and business development.

Since 1998, Quay Technologies has provided UV solutions to municipal water and wastewater clients. MicroDynamics’ microwave technology enables the use of electrodeless bulbs, which can increase system efficiency and bulb life when compared to traditional UV lamps. All systems are modular, with a small footprint, and use the same parts and components for easier maintenance and lower operating costs.