Clinton, Iowa, Awards Mapping, Inspection Contract

RJN will perform inspections of all sewer structures in the city’s largest combined sewer basin

This past December, the city of Clinton, Iowa, awarded RJN Group Inc. a contract for structure sapping and inspection. Clinton is a city on the Mississippi River, very similar to RJN’s existing clients, Davenport and Burlington, Iowa, not only in its relationship to the river, but also because of the fact that they are working through a long term control plan to eliminate CSOs and SSOs to the river. 

This project requires RJN to perform inspections of all sewer structures (manholes and storm intake structures) in the city’s largest combined sewer basin. These inspections are being completed to improve the GIS geo-database for the sewer system, and for the city to gain a better understanding of the overall connectivity and condition of the system. 

Each structure will be located with sub-centimeter GPS and inspected to determine connecting pipes and general condition. There are approximately 918 structures in this initial project. Inspections are expected to be complete in late spring of this year. There is potential for additional inspections as well as potential modeling projects that may follow this project. 

RJN Group Inc.

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