Sensicore Introduces Advanced Online Water Analysis and Data Visualization System

Sensicore, manufacturer of smart sensors systems and software, introduced its WaterNOW service, an online monitoring system that enables real-time monitoring of water and wastewater for municipal and industrial applications.
WaterNOW enables dynamic contouring of water chemistry on a map, much like Doppler weather conditions are presented on television, which will help users better understand contamination problems using sophisticated plume analysis algorithms. The company's software also ties together water quality information from any source, including field and lab tests, online continuous monitoring systems (SCADA) and third party lab testing, providing a total picture of water quality information. Advanced analytical tools allow users to perform real-time analysis on their data and graph and prepare reports from within the WaterNOW system without having to export to another application.
“The antiquated system of collecting water samples and spending days in the lab analyzing, reviewing and preparing data reports is over,” said Malcolm Kahn, CEO of Sensicore. “WaterNOW provides users with the ability to visualize their water quality information on a map of their city or community, and helps them understand and trouble-shoot problems in real-time. It will be an invaluable tool in helping municipalities provide a higher quality product while also improving operations and saving labor resources.”
WaterNOW provides a complete picture of water and system conditions and helps users analyze complex changes is parameters and their affect on quality. The system uses a highly secure Internet browser model that provides easy access to a user’s data from any Internet-connected computer.
The WaterNOW system works in tandem with Sensicore's WaterPOINT 870, a handheld, wireless device that utilizes a smart sensor chip to calculate 14 different water profiles in four minutes. The system enables incremental testing, helps pinpoint the extent of contamination quickly and efficiently, and allows users to perform real-time post-event monitoring while still the field.


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