Nov 10, 2010

Seattle Public Utilities Selects FlowWorks and ADS Partnership for Flow-Monitoring Services

FlowWorks data platform will provide data delivery and work order management

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) selected the team of ADS Environmental Services and FlowWorks to handle flow monitoring and data management for its combined sewer overflow (CSO) program. FlowWorks’ data platform will be used to deliver consistent data to all users for improved collaboration, faster problem solving and shortened response times.

ADS was the incumbent with a strong track record, having provided flow servicing, engineering and data integrity to the utility for the past five years. When the contract came up for re-bid, SPU leadership recognized the need to add a data delivery and work order management system to the program. In response to its customer, and desiring to build on past success, ADS teamed with FlowWorks to add the data-delivery component. ADS knew FlowWorks’ data management platform was capable of securely managing and delivering large quantities of remote data to a broad range of user groups.

FlowWorks’ data management service is a secure, internet-based platform for gathering, analyzing and managing water, sewer, rainfall and other remote data. It is hardware neutral, accepting data from any flow meter or manufacturer's data system, as well as SCADA, historic and manual data. The FlowWorks suite contains a powerful graphing engine, storage for all forms of meta data, event alarms and analysis capabilities including I&I and rainfall IDF. SPU chose FlowWorks to gather all its data into one place so CSO events could be analyzed quickly, understood and then communicated to all users. Operating in near-real time, SPU’s new FlowWorks service loads two years of five-minute data from the server in under six seconds.