Sep 29, 2008

Seal Sanctuary Adopts Unique Water Testing Technology

Portable unit helps monitor the water to ensure optimum conditions for two South American sea lions

The ChloroSense digital chlorine analyzer is being used to monitor the water at the National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, England. The aquatic environment needs to be carefully controlled and in optimum condition for the inhabitants, two South American sea lions.

The sea lions' pool uses a chlorine drip system to keep the water clear of bacteria and algae, but levels can vary according to many unpredictable factors. Originally, a visual colorimetric system was used to check the chemical levels; then a Palintest Micro 1000 Chlorometer was utilized for more accurate monitoring. Now, the testing process has been further upgraded and simplified with the purchase of the reagent-free ChloroSense unit. Initially taken on a 2-week trial, staff at the Sanctuary rated the product 10 out of 10, praising the new technology’s ease of use, clarity, accuracy and the PC compatibility—storing and printing results with minimal fuss.

The Chlorosense is a small, self-contained, portable unit that requires no external reagents. It is completely digital, waterproof, and only needs a sample of water and a unique electrochemical sensor to perform a test. It features clear instructions and provides readings for free and total chlorine levels in under a minute. This means that staff unfamiliar with water analysis can quickly and accurately monitor chlorine concentration on site and with confidence.