Mar 08, 2019

123SCADA Web Portal and Mobile Application

Mission Communications' 123SCADA web portal can adjust system parameters

123SCADA Web Portal and Mobile Application

The 123SCADA web portal from Mission Communications is intuitive to use and highly customizable, therefore users can adjust system parameters to optimize their workflow. Unlike traditional SCADA, this managed service has no software to install, licenses to maintain, or any additional fees.

Live data streams directly to 123SCADA, and all menus update to reflect real-time data points. Users can view alarm details and analyze historical data for comparative analysis, as well as view critical details, such as alarm details and the status of RTUs from any web-enabled device. Notification call-out parameters and schedules can be customized to ensure the correct personnel receive alarms and alerts. Data views, charts, graphs, and more than 50 reports are all optimized for equipment monitored by Mission remote terminal units (RTUs).

123SCADA is also available as a mobile application, which has all the functionality of the mobile web portal with the added features of geolocation for staff management, QR code scanner for easier RTU view and configuration, and the ability to submit images directly to a support ticket.

The 123SCADA mobile app makes RTU configuration easier than ever before. Through the app, users can scan the QR code on their RTU and receive a prompt to configure RTU call-out settings, view the status of device inputs, and change basic device information.

The integration of geolocation allows users to indicate the location of a device without manually inputting coordinates. Management can quickly find staff members on the map with location markers, which streamlines workflows by providing the ability to route and coordinate service calls.

Using the mobile device camera allows users to take a picture of their RTU and submit it directly to a support ticket, making it even more efficient for Mission Technical Support to troubleshoot and resolve system issues.

The app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store by searching 123SCADA.

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