Feb 20, 2001

SCADA Systems Crucial to Success, Reveals Frost & Sullivan Research

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, World SCADA Systems and Software Markets, reveals the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) industry generated $2.7 billion in revenues in 1999. Based on this analysis, the firm projects that number will nearly double by 2006 — topping $4 billion.
SCADA systems provide real-time strategic information in a dynamic environment and are becoming increasingly invaluable to successful market participants. These systems play a key role in several industries — not only in water and wastewater management, but in oil and gas production, as well as power and electric utilities.
In the future, they also are expected to have a tremendous effect in the transportation industry as new freight and light rail systems come online with similar data systems.
"SCADA systems and software will need to be there to provide strategic information to decision-makers in a real-time environment," says Frost & Sullivan industry expert Pamela Culbertson-Krieger. "SCADA is the real-time IT business and cannot be ignored by enterprises without potentially risking both the profitability and viability of their business in a fiercely competitive environment."
PC-based SCADA systems are expected to garner a greater share of the market as end users move away from workstation-based systems. End users are more familiar with these systems as they operate on a Windows platform. Ease-of-use and lower total costs of ownership are two main factors driving this segment.
"PC-based systems are the wave of the future. These systems offer increased reliability, ease of use and decreasing price points, making it the solution of choice for small and medium-sized applications," says Culbertson-Krieger. "The shifting market toward PC-based turnkey solutions offer market opportunities to smaller systems integrator firms."
Frost & Sullivan's comprehensive research discovered the market drivers and restraints for the entire world market and its four main segments: PC-based turnkey systems, packaged SCADA software, SCADA hardware aftermarket, and workstation-based turnkey systems.
The study focuses on major global markets, including North America, Europe, Asia and Rest of World. It analyzes the market for each region and offers ways to find success in these markets.
With headquarters in San Jose, Calif., Frost & Sullivan is a global leader in international strategic market consulting and training. Its industry experts monitor the process control instrumentation industry for market trends, market measurements and strategies.